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Critical Acclaim - August 2021 Album of the Month


A wide variety of moods and influences collide as Callous Indifference unfolds and the band keeps everything flowing in the right direction without glaring missteps. It requires several spins to synthesize and absorb all that Headshrinker do here, but the time spent pays enormous dividends. I came into Callous Indifference expecting nothing and got way more than I bargained for, thus they get my first 4.0 of 2021 and the Steel ov Approval. This ain’t pretty, but you should get your head around it, stat. - "Wretched Soul Song Premier"


One of the more peculiar things about death metal is how on one hand it can serve up a pure, old-fashioned ass-beating, but on the other it also presents a canvas for grappling with complex issues—and in some cases, as with Denver's Headshrinker, the genre takes on both roles in the same space. - "The Burn Of Indifference Song Premier"


Callous Indifference is itself a fascinating experience. It might be fair to say that the album is more heavily anchored in OSDM than the music of Polyptych, but not single-mindedly so. In numerous ways — including the cover art — Headshrinker make it obvious that their music isn’t some simple exercise in nostalgia. That’s as true of their music’s subject matter as it is the sounds themselves. Rather than slaughterhouse gore, rotten death, or cemetery ghoulishness, they focus instead on mental health issues and ways of working through them — including in the song we’re premiering today “The Burn of Indifference“. - Weekly Featured Artist and Interview


{..} when I heard Headshrinker the first time, I was blown out of my seat. When I clicked play on their debut LP, Callous Indifference, my ears pinned back and I could tell that I was listening to something that was completely different while still pulling on familiar threads. Being based in Denver was also a massive selling point as this city is currently home to some of the finest acts in the genre with an ever-growing list of bands and artists to check out. There was also a little more to Headshrinker than simply putting together great riffs and catchy hooks. This band was about something. I knew that I had to get them featured on our site to get more eyes and ears on what they are doing. - "Callous Indifference Album Review"


Of Death Metal and beyond, Callous Indifference, carves a niche for itself as a violent but subtle piece one that attempts to be introspective and self-inflicting managing to achieve both for the most part. For anyone tempered in metaphysics or anyone just looking for a heavy laden album to thrash too either would find solace in HEADSHRINKER’s debut.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9 - "Callous Indifference Album Review"


Headshrinker is a project that has a huge mastery over their sound. Those that enjoy bands like Pyrrohn, Ulthar, Tomb Mold,   Death is the framework and the doom/tech/prog moments are the spice they throw into their deadly stew. Callous Indifference certainly was not written with indifference. Those that like their death metal with plenty of twists are not going to want to miss this. Headshrinker is quite the head shredder. - "Callous Indifference Album Review"


Callous Indifference takes no prisoners throughout its duration and as the album concludes with the menacing slow burn of No Lineage Shall Follow, it is clear that Headshrinker have made a unique album and one that is unashamedly heavy but thought provoking at the same time. Callous Indifference is an intense listen of course but is delivered sublimely and the doom laden death metal on show here will be amongst the best you will hear all year and Headshrinker are definitely a band to look out for in the future. 

Score 8/10 – With their intense and doom laden approach to brutality, Headshrinker strike new life into old school death metal with a thought provoking heaviness added to the mix on debut album Callous Indifference. - "Callous Indifference Album Review"

Screenshot 2021-10-21 120259.jpg

Headshrinker perfectly knows Death Metal. We have raw strength, dissonant harmonics, rage, technicality and melodies in Callous Indifference, making it an interesting album and allows us to wish for the best in the future.

85/100 - "Callous Indifference Album Review"


Listening to this first album, we are immediately struck by the maturity of the compositions, and their adventurous and subtly avant-garde spirit. We say to ourselves that we had the chance to unearth exceptional musicians {..} Very elaborate, precise to the millimeter, this first album could be compared to a night drift of David Lynch on the winding roads of Mulholland Drive, with however a clear goal: to transpose the pain into music, and to illustrate the moral fight in percussive rhythmic planes, rapid, epileptic, or completely absent {...} Callous Indifference  moves away from the masses old-school with rare sincerity, and presents a multiple face that will appeal to fans of innovative and risky Death. The POLYPTYCH experience therefore continues under even stranger and personal auspices, and in a single mature HEADSHRINKER  discomposes its name and augurs well for a long, but cathartic healing for everyone.    

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